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Open RP

So, the RP sites are up. Not the most intriguing thing yet, I know, but I lost access to all graphics and override notes due to the monitor on my main computer going down.

The End of Time RP is now open for applications.

This RPG takes place a year or so after the game, and everyone have had a chance to recover properly after their fight with Lavos. However, a new threat is beginning to arise. An alliance between five powerful villains out to destroy the world, and all its time periods and races, are threatening existence as the characters know it, and making them forge unusual, and uneasy, alliances themselves.

I have some ideas to mix the Chrono Cross plot and timeline into this, but I'll need someone to help me if that is to be.

End of Time
OOC Community for applications and OOCness.

(Crossposted, so apologies to those who see this more than once...)
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