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Fic: In the eye of the Beholder

*prods the community*

This isn't slash as such, though it's part of a much larger fic that definitely is, but it's about Flea and some of his issues, and I thought it fit here despite the lack of a pairing.

Title: In the eye of the Beholder
Author: Shaded Mazoku
Disclaimer: Flea's the property of Square Enix, which is just as well, because I couldn't afford him, high maintenance as he is.
Warnings: None.
Rating: PG-13.
Summary: You can only change yourself so many times before you lose your way back to what you once were.
Words: 500.
Notes: Written for spook_me's 2010 challenge, with the prompt shapeshifter. I don't think this was the intended interpretation. Still, it's an idea that's sort of integral to the plot of a longer CT fic I'm working on, so it was nice to get to get inside Flea's head for a while.

In the eye of the Beholder

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Hi there. I'm new to this group and I like Glenn/Serge but I love Dark Serge/Serge. I wish there more adult Dark Serge/Serge fanart, fanfic and doujin out there.

Magus/Flea Fic; NC17

Permission to contribute to a sleeping community?

Title:  Vanity
Fandom: Chrono Trigger
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: Chrono Trigger is not mine.  I make no money from this fic. 
Pairing: Magus aka Janus/Flea
Warnings: strong sexual content; not appropriate for kids
Notes: Takes place pre-game
Word Count: 3835
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Screw V-day it's A-day time!

A = angst

Screw Singles Awareness day aka Valentines day--

I thought I'd counter act the happy by drawing angsty couples. One of them being-- Lynx x Serge

SO! Who better to throw the question of 'what' other than the very dead community of fans here XD

SO! ideas?

I'm thinking something akin to this pic: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/45534748/

Violent, angsty, generally unhappy XD Because angst is what I feed on.

I need more than just one pic o these two XD

I LIED- I have 2 pics drawn of these two XD

SO ANY IDEAS ARE APPRECIATED! 8D Anything to get this comm alive again. So sad so sad.
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I've been looking for a community for Chrono Slash for a while. Glad I found this! XD Nice to meet you all!

I'm open to most pairings, but I've got a serious soft spot for Serge/Glenn/Serge and darkserge!Lynx/Serge

So um, I'd totally appreciate it if someone would recommend some fics for either. I'll love you forever! Hahaha.

...please? :)

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(no subject)

Right. here we go. I am in need of something to clear my writer's block, so I'll write one-shots for people! I require just one of two things:


Either or both. Just keep in mind; these will be one-shot drabble-ish things. I have a novel of a fanfic I'm working on and need a break from it.

So, go at it! Just...not too much.

PS: Cross-posted EVERYWHERE. I apologize for spamming.
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Hey!! I just wanted to let everyone know that ff_vids has now expanded to accept videos from any Square Enix fandom! we have also just begun our first ever music video contest so come along and visit us and enter your Square Enix music videos!! ^____^

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I used to run a CT yaoi site a few years back, but it sort of evaporated.

I recently revived it, but for now, it's sort of bare. It just has my fic, and that's hardly a proper archive. So if anyone has anything to submit, I'd like that a lot. Fanart would also be great, but at the moment, my server is not letting me use pictures on my pages, which I have to discuss with my webhost.

Anyway, the site is False Prophets, and while mainly a CT site, I still haven't played CC, I'd be more than willing to accept CC fics, too.
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CC Classic

*waves hello to everyone* (^__^)


Yea! I found a Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross slash community on LJ!

.....*takes a peek*.....

Nay! Said Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross slash community needs some serious mouth-to-mouth resuscitation -- as in like right now. :P

My preferred pairing always was and always will be Lynx x Serge. Sadly, too few others appear to have felt and/or feel the same. This has left me fanfic and fanart starved, for years. :(

Long, long ago, in the year 2000, I ran across a nice little Chrono Cross slash site, on the web. The name of the site seems to have escaped my memory, unfortunately. However, it was there that I found this little 18+ Lynx x Serge related gem:

A Cat's Pleasure -- Adult FanfictionCollapse )

Well, there it is -- grammatical errors and all. ;D

If anyone else out there has anything to contribute, by all means, please post it. It would be truly and deeply appreciated! Thanks!

Be well, everyone!

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