La Muffin (muffinofdoom) wrote in chronoslash,
La Muffin

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Hey, new member here!

Well, I was doing one of my weekly interest-searches, and I came across this community... Yay! I absolutely love Chrono Trigger, and though I haven't played Chrono Cross myself (well, aside from like, 30 mins), it looks like an equally awesome game.
I do so love the slash possibilities in Chrono Trigger <3 My faves are probably Magus/Crono, Cyrus/Glenn, and Crono/Glenn (not so much them though...) ... I also like/respect some hetero pairings, but meh. They're not as fun XD

So yeah, just posting to let myself be known! ^____^

Oh, and by the way, I love rping, writing fanfics and drawing fanarts so maybe I'll get some of those up here one day... ^^
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