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Aethestically pleasing~

Was carousing around (XD a yaoi website, they're big with the yaoi con) and went to the gaming section where they talk about slash in games~. And what do my eyes behold me but a section on the slashy goodness of Chrono Cross


It's nice to see that some people see the slashy goodness in that game for what it is. More often than not ya don't hear about that game anymore.. which is sad, because its so big and vast a game. :< Which again makes me sad that they won't be making a third game... maybe, someday.

Anyway- if you want to check out the bit on Chrono Cross- you can go: here.

They go into the game, about the chars and the slashability X3 tres great.

8D cuz this comm needs activity damnit!
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