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Van looking for RP

Hey guys, I joined a while ago and have been a Chrono Cross fan for a long time. Everyone I know thinks it's weird, but my favorite character is totally Bancliff, aka Van. You know, that adorable raggamuffin with spectacles and blue hair. Anyhoo, the point is, I've always wanted to do a RP as him with another character from Chrono Cross but I've never found a good RPer interested enough to do it. So I'm here to ask if anyone would like to!

Here are the characters I would like to RP the home Termina (not alternate) Van with. Plot and details can be discussed later. ^^

-Grobyc (I have an android fetish)

Well, those are my top four but if you have another person in mind do tell! I've been RPing for years and I do para. I use periods, capitals and all that good stuff, and I hate RPing with people who don't so if you do run-on sentences, no thank you. I can provide an example para of how well I do so you know what you're getting if desired.

I RP on Yahoo! Messenger but can do AIM or MSN if you prefer it. I'm looking for a long-term, serious RP.

I hope someone responds. :D
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