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Yea! I found a Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross slash community on LJ!

.....*takes a peek*.....

Nay! Said Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross slash community needs some serious mouth-to-mouth resuscitation -- as in like right now. :P

My preferred pairing always was and always will be Lynx x Serge. Sadly, too few others appear to have felt and/or feel the same. This has left me fanfic and fanart starved, for years. :(

Long, long ago, in the year 2000, I ran across a nice little Chrono Cross slash site, on the web. The name of the site seems to have escaped my memory, unfortunately. However, it was there that I found this little 18+ Lynx x Serge related gem:

A Cat's Pleasure
By Jack Diamond

Warning!!! This is a VERY lemony story, rated NC-17. It consists of male homosexual relations, and if this offends you or if you are under the age of 18, please do NOT read this story. For those of you who finished the game, this story might offend you. This story was written before the ending of the game and was not based upon the discovery of Lynx's secret. If any of this bothers you, a simple solution to your problem is to simply NOT read it! Now wasn't that painless?

Yamaneko lay on his bed thinking, but it wasn't normal things he thought about... It was normal for him, but others might think they were perverted thoughts... You see Yamaneko was thinking about his rival and the object of his secret lusts... Serge.

As the name entered the cat man's thoughts he pictured Serge in his mind, the blue hair and blue eyes that enticed his lust every time he gazed into them.

Yamaneko's hand drifted across his chest as he pictured that face, pinching a nipple for a bit and making his now hard cock pulse for a second as a moan passed his lips. His thoughts drifted to what Serge's chest probably looked like under those clothes as his hand drifted over his abs. Yamaneko moaned and started to immerse himself in his favorite fantasy of Serge.

Yamaneko sat in his chair, sipping his drink, as Serge lay at his feet and waited for his master's command. Looking down at him Yamaneko started to grow hard.

"Suck the head," Yamaneko ordered his slave, who did as he was told and clamped his lips around the head of Yamaneko's cock and suckled gently, knowing just what was desired of him from experience. Yamaneko ran a hand through Serge's hair as he watched through eyes that were half-lidded in lust. Serge lightly scraped his teeth over the ridges of the cockhead in his mouth, enjoying serving his master and the moan that was wrenched from Yamaneko's throat.

"Suck it all, but go very, very slowly and don't make me come," Yamaneko ordered through the pleasure that was assaulting him. Serge again did exactly as ordered, sinking his mouth on the cock centimeter by centimeter and scraping it all lightly with his teeth as he went. Yamaneko started to purr as he also managed to moan at the same time, eyes fully closed now from the sheer intensity of pleasure, but holding off his orgasm.

Yamaneko panted and purred as he immersed himself more in the fantasy, wrapping his hand around his hard and leaking cock and stroking it slowly as he held off his orgasm, just as in the fantasy.

Serge took Yamaneko to the base and started to work the cock over in his mouth. "Off now. Turn around and kneel with your hands on the the floor," Yamaneko commanded.

Serge obeyed and moaned in excitement and anticipation for what he knew was about to happen. Yamaneko dropped to the floor and kneeled behind Serge. Both men always went naked around the house so Yamaneko could take his pleasure with Serge whenever he pleased, without the hassle of having to remove clothing from either of them. He positioned himself at Serge's entrance and pushing all the way in in one hard thrust, causing Serge to cry out in both pain and pleasure as he rocks back to meet the thrust. Yamaneko immediately started pounding Serge, not bothering to let the young man adjust as he put all his strength into pounding away at Serge's ass. Yamaneko moaned along with Serge, struggling to hold back his climax now and quickly failing, soon exploding into Serge and roaring his pleasure loudly.

Yamaneko pumped his hips into his hand as he continued to stroke, and was soon roaring his pleasure as in his fantasy. Yamaneko panted for a while, just enjoying the post orgasmic bliss for a bit before raising his hand to his lips and licking his cum off hand. Yamaneko smiled in his sated pleasure and slowly drifted off to sleep.

Well, there it is -- grammatical errors and all. ;D

If anyone else out there has anything to contribute, by all means, please post it. It would be truly and deeply appreciated! Thanks!

Be well, everyone!

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