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Chrono Cross/ Trigger Slash

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All Members , Moderated

This community is dedicated to those who appriciate the yaoi/ yuri side of the Chrono series.

Quaf in pics, fics, talk of certain parts in of the game. Fan characters and hetero pairings is of course also welcome.

This is an open community and most anything goes. Just use common sense.

  • Label things of explicit sexual nature. Some people have this community on friends list.
  • Keep posts on topic. Talking about the game itself is fine- but getting on about what your dog had for breakfast is for your own journal.
  • Put spoilers behind lj cuts
  • Put large pics and fics behind lj cuts
  • Please respect others. Rude behaviour is intolerable and will get you booted no questions asked
  • Do not delete posts that are not your own. This will get you booted no questions asked.
  • Do not spam about your other communities

    Other related communities:

    Moded by neofox and mastermania
    If there is any questions or problems- just one of them.